New: Q and A Plugin from WPMU DEV

Does your website have visitors? (We hope so!) Well, it's guaranteed they've got questions. Providing thoughtful responses not only shows you care but those answers will attract other people looking for the same answers!

Sure you can write up your own FAQ but Wouldn't it be nice to have a system where your sites visitors can answer each others questions? Even better what if the best answers rose to the top? And what if there was a point system so that good questions and great answers were rewarded?

Yeah, we could see a few folks with a use for this. We took our cue from incredible sites like Yahoo! Answers and Quora and created new plugin so that anyone can implement this on their own WordPress site. Right now. Quick and easy.

Check out the feature list:

  • Full front-end capability - users don't ever have to see your site's admin back-end
  • WYSIWYG editing of both questions and answers
  • Looks right at home with any theme at all
  • Fully customizable using the included template files
  • Snazzy voting for both questions and answers
  • Integrated reputation points system
  • Dedicated user profile pages highlighting reputation points
  • Built in search feature

Grab a copy from the new product page here:

And let us know what you think!