New Release - Events & Bookings

It's been a long time in coming, but we hope you find the wait 'worth it' :slight_smile:

Please enjoy our new Events & Bookings plugin!

Have a play, let us know how you go.

And of course feature requests, bugs and all that jazz.

Cheers, James

  • ThePath

    Hi James,

    So I thought Id help out testing this as Im interested in using it for a current website im working on.

    Ive installed it here to test:

    Travelled my way through the Get started page and all is well until the last one. When I try and visit the front end events page that the user would see I get a 404 not found error.

    Ive checked my pages menu in admin and no "events" page has been created does it create the events page automagically?

    Also tried displaying the upcoming events widget and it doesnt show either. I can see the event I made in the admin though. Very strange indee, I might try installing it somewhere else too and report back.

  • HansRuedi Keller

    Just installed the plugin on my BuddyPress 1.5.4 test site. Looks great! Thank you.
    I've found some (cosmetic) bugs…
    - there is a space missing between «Created by» and user name while viewing an event.
    - strange «thing» and screen space added at the bottom of screen while editing an event.
    …something more important:
    - there is no popup to choose the event time (?) - only for date.
    - there should be an Archive template to show the Calendar incl. the BuddyPress sidebar
    (not full width while using bp-default - they way «All-in-One Event Calendar» is doing it.
    Serious is that Event view AND BP sidebar is mixed while using «Default» setting…
    …other words: while activating «Override default appearance» the plugin is not BP friendly at the moment.
    - what is that «in» after event date while viewing an event. Should the location be there or?…

  • wecreateyou

    First congrats and thanks for the new release(s)! Before I dive in and replace my current solution I need to know a few things about the plugin.

    Can custom field support be accomplished in this way... If not, please add it. Either way please let me know so I can decide whether to use this or keep my current solution.

    add_filter( '??????', 'add_events_custom_fields' );
    function add_events_custom_fields($args) {
         $args['supports'] = array( 'thumbnail', 'custom-fields');
         return $args;

    Thanks a bunch

  • Vladislav


    Thank you very much for the feedback! Ovidiu, that's a great idea, and we'll be adding a widget for upcoming events from network in the next release, as well as filtering the custom post type support as wecreateyou suggested. schwarzaufweiss, those are some great observations, thanks. We're working on the next release which should have those issues fixed.

    @dee-signer, can you please check your event start and end dates? It is possible that they got garbled somehow.

    Also, fitoussi and anyone else, please feel free to submit suggestions for new features :slight_smile:

  • fitoussi

    Thank you guys for listening to us. I have few suggestions too.
    1) now when choosing to sell tickets for the event It seems that if user mark himself as attendant he must buy the ticket online (it keeps reminding him to buy). I'd like to see this option more flaxiable. To have a quantity of ticket and maybe a time limit to buy the tickets online at special price. So maybe we could have two inputs for prices one that shows "at the door price" and one that is special price to buy online. So then we can set only 30 tickets for special price online for only 5 days when tickets counter show how many left. That could boost sells.

    2) the way the plugin works now we can give users the ability to sell thier tickets if they have a site within our multisite. But what if I have a subsite within my multisite where I want everyone to create events and sell thier tickets in this site? The way it works now it cannot be done since the email address for PayPal is set to be mine. How about adding a field for PayPal email address in the "new event" so when one creats an event the ticket he sell will go to his account? The reason for that is that later users will be able to search for event By categories or zipcode and so on. If events will be created in different subsites We might be able to add global upcoming events to main site but I can't see a way to create a search events that will bring up results from all the different subsite. I hope I make sense.

    3) maybe a way that we , the admins will recieve a percentage from every ticket that sells by other users.

    4)widget for event calendar.

    5) printable tickets

    Am I asking too much ? :slight_smile:

  • James Farmer


    An option for 'pay at the event' would be cool, I think that an early bird discount / first x tickets would also be good, hopefully we can add these without too much trouble.

    the way the plugin works now we can give users the ability to sell thier tickets if they have a site within our multisite. But what if I have a subsite within my multisite where I want everyone to create events and sell thier tickets in this site?

    Am confused :disappointed: Are you talking about some sort of group blog? If so, while this could be desirable I see it as being a very very unlikely circumstance / requirement so unless you can convince us otherwise I doubt this'd get in.

    3) maybe a way that we , the admins will recieve a percentage from every ticket that sells by other users.

    Very nice, just like MarketPress, definitely a good idea.

    4)widget for event calendar.

    Yeh, that'd be v nice too, I think a whole page display via shortcode would be cool as well (a big calendar)

    5) printable tickets

    Yeh, that'd be great too.


    to show "global" events on the main site from all sub blogs :slight_smile:

    maybe even have a widget where any blog owner can chose to show another blog's events?

    Nice ideas for sure, I might put them behind some of @fitoussi's suggestions tho, just because things like discounts, better widgets and printable tickets seem more practical concerns... do u agree?

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  • fitoussi

    Hi James ,
    I am glad you like the ideas :slight_smile: about the posting events on the main site.
    I am creating a website for my community. It has a directory where people can list their business and I created "jobs" post type where they can post avaliable jobs. I was waiting for the even plugin so people will also be able to post events. I want everything to be happening within my site. I want it to be the place where one can come and look for a place to eat in zipcode blah blah or to see available jobs in area. I categorized all my post types and I added zip code custom fields so people can search. Same thing I want them to be able to search for events in thier zip code or by category ( I added categories to events since it doesn't come ready). I can do it all right now since I give users , authors ability to add listings or events. The only Thing I can't do this way is giving the users the ability to sell tickets since the email adress in the account is mine. The way it is now that users need to have thier own site to sell the tickets will be reliable for global searching from main site. Maybe you guys can suggest a way I can make my idea work out.

  • Claire Wielandt

    Hi Guys - Fantastic that you just created this plugin, althoguh I do have a couple of difficulties:
    (I'm on latest WP + Headway framework with responsiveness enabled)

    I have created a page called events2, but when I navigate to that page (the overview), it's completey blank. If I choose:
    Override default appearance (yes) and then for the calendar: "Archive template: Default", I get whats on the 1. screenshot
    If Calendar -> "Calendar" I get what's on the second
    if "Full width" the 3rd screenshot.

    All styles are missing. Might be due to the "override", but if I don't I get a blank screen.

    If I for Single template choose "Calendar" also blank screen
    if "Default" I get whats on the 4th screenshot
    if "Full width" I get screnshot.

    (at the last screenshot you can see what it should look like)
    Help? :slight_smile:

    Another thought: Would love if (might already be there) people registering for en event can be "forced" to become member at the ame time. Or limit the registration to members, although non-members should be able to see the event.
    Also, an option to display the event in the ordinary blog as well, would be cool.

  • SteveDB

    I went through setup and then added a widget for events on front page which shows correctly click on event in widget and get this?

    I have tried with and without template overides

    Warning: include(/home/stevedb/public_html/wp-content/themes/yoo_balance_wp/single.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/stevedb/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php on line 43

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening '/home/stevedb/public_html/wp-content/themes/yoo_balance_wp/single.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:disappointed:usr/lib/php:disappointed:usr/local/lib/php') in /home/stevedb/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php on line 43

    This happens when i have set calender as default in settings. On default and full width settings it displays ok

    Any ideas?

  • Vladislav


    @designlabCPH, let me see if I understood correctly: you created a page with "events2" slug, and configured your Events and Bookings settings to use that as your root slug? If so, can you please re-cofigure the plugin to use something different for the root slug. If the issue persists, can you please try to turn the "Override default appearance" checkbox off and see if it helps?

    @SteveDB, unfortunately Yoo themes for WordPress are created in an especially non-standard way, and dealing with them can pretty difficult. Having said that, the default appearance template is quite similar to how the events are rendered with "Override default appearance" turned off, and it's meant more to be a starting point in your own template customization.

  • Vladislav

    Also, an updated version is just released (v1.0.1). This is primarily a bugfix release, which should deal with some of the issues mentioned on here, such as a bit improved BuddyPress integration, as mentioned by schwarzaufweiss (of course, there is always room for improvement, and we'll keep at it); filterable custom post type supports, as wecreateyou mentioned; a singular post rewrite issue, which might have been what happened to dee-signer; a bit tighter post type checking, which should solve the problem that AndrewTraub experienced, and much more.

    To add support for additional features to Events custom post type, you can hook into "eab-event-post_type-supports" filter, e.g. like this:

    add_filter('eab-event-post_type-supports', 'add_eab_custom_fields');
    function add_eab_custom_fields($args) {
    	$args[] = 'custom-fields';
    	return $args;

    This snippet will add support for custom fields to Events custom post type. It can be placed in functions.php file, in a plugin or in a php file in the mu-plugins directory.

    Some of the enhancements made it to this release as well, such as upcoming events widget for network (only if you have Post Indexer plugin installed and activated) and PayPal sandbox mode support. Of course, we'll keep on working on the suggestions mentioned this far (there are some truly awesome ones) for the next release, so please keep them coming :slight_smile:

  • AndrewTraub

    When navigating to the root slug (i.e. I just get a blank page - do I need to create a page called Events and add a widget to display the upcoming events (I know there are widgets, but I want to put a menu item in which takes them to a page which shows the events and I thought the plug-in would automatically handle the root slug url)? If so, can I call some code from the page rather than add a special widget to the blog just for one page?


  • MediaBridges

    Is there a way to automatically close an event when it reaches max amount of attendees? Didn't see it on the page. We hold classes, so closing the event at 10 people is important due to space. Or 6 for another class.

    Also, using your membership plugin, can different membership levels register for different events? Basically, I would like it so non-members could only RSVP for our Orientation, while members could RSVP to other events. Though, we would still like the entire calendar to be viewed.

    A couple of features Event Espresso has you may want to think about in the future:
    - Waiting Lists
    - Recurring Events

    Will this plugin be able to be used for booking resources in the future?

  • isis

    Great plugin - I've been waiting for something like this for a long time - thanks!

    Is there support for recurring events?
    I also would like to see the ability to have a sitewide calendar and then specific group or blog calendars - like the user mentioned above regarding bands, I run a site where members set up group training events, clinics, seminars, etc. I'd like to be able to show the Running Group's Events on the Main Calendar, along with Cycling, Triathlon, etc. and still allow these groups to have a calendar which only shows their events - does that make sense?
    Membership level events would be fantastic. I would like to offer events for premium members, those at an intermediate level, etc, but not to free members. A way to implement that would be awesome!

    Thanks again for the plugin - I am just starting to work with it and am finding it useful!

  • sciamannikoo

    Perhaps is a problem with my plugins or WP setup, but I get a memory exhausted error when activating this plugin.

    In normal cases, my WP installation doesn't use a big amount of memory (it was set to about 190M).
    However, to better understand I've raised the limit to 300M and still I get a memory exhausted error (plus other errors, always cause by this plugin):

    [15-Feb-2012 20:57:59] PHP Warning:  require_once(/home2/sciamann/public_html/progettoanike/wp-content/plugins/events-and-bookings/lib/widgets/Widget.class.php) [<a href='function.require-once'>function.require-once</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/sciamann/public_html/progettoanike/wp-content/plugins/events-and-bookings/events-and-bookings.php on line 1630
    [15-Feb-2012 20:57:59] PHP Fatal error:  require_once() [<a href='function.require'>function.require</a>]: Failed opening required '/home2/sciamann/public_html/progettoanike/wp-content/plugins/events-and-bookings/lib/widgets/Widget.class.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib64/php:/usr/lib/php:/usr/share/pear') in /home2/sciamann/public_html/progettoanike/wp-content/plugins/events-and-bookings/events-and-bookings.php on line 1630
    [15-Feb-2012 21:20:59] PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 314572800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home2/sciamann/public_html/progettoanike/wp-content/plugins/wptuner/wptunerdb232.php on line 39

    Any change to make it working?

    Once this plugin will start working, I'll manually move my current events to this plugin. This will allow me to uninstall amr-events (my current plugin) and perhaps free some memory (though, again, I don't have memory issues without the events-and-booking plugin).


  • sciamannikoo

    Don't know if I'll ever get help for my issues, but on my previous post I've made a typo: my original memory limit was set to 128M.

    Again, looking at the fact the the issue raises only when installing and activating this plugin (I have to remove it via FTP each time, as end up getting 500 errors) and looking to the fact that is not just a slight memory eating, but quite a huge one, I'm quite sure that this plugin is eating too much memory.

  • Vladislav


    @sciamannikoo, from the log posted, it appears that the plugin is unable to find one of its required files, which is most likely the root cause of the issue you're facing (the memory exhaustion message seems to be caused by another plugin, which is in turn probably caused by file lookup issues). The path from the message seems to be correct, so it's rather strange it can't locate the file. Have you installed the plugin in your wp-content/plugins directory?

  • sciamannikoo

    Hi @Ve,

    I'll answer here: please le me know if we can keep writing here on in the separated post I've created.

    Obviously, I've installed the plugin in the right folder :wink:

    About the log, you're right, but it looks like I've simply copied the wrong extract.

    However, the wptuner plugin is a later attempt to find if there was an issue on my side and the memory error displayed was only caused by a missing setting that is now solved.

    Right now I've disabled the wptuner plugin and with a new error_log file, I've tried againt to activate the Event and Bookings plugin.

    This is the resulting log right after getting the 500 error page:

    [16-Feb-2012 11:07:48] PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 314572800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 65536 bytes) in /home2/sciamann/public_html/progettoanike/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1555
    [16-Feb-2012 11:08:55] PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 314572800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in /home2/sciamann/public_html/progettoanike/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1555
    [16-Feb-2012 11:09:20] PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 314572800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 65536 bytes) in /home2/sciamann/public_html/progettoanike/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1555

    This is the error page, if it helps:

    Server error
    The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this webpage later.
    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.

    As soon as I rename the events-and-bookings folder to something else in order to deactivate it, my website resurrect.

  • Vladislav


    @sciamannikoo, thanks for opening a new thread for the issue, let's continue this conversation there.

    @AndrewTraub, I believe I found for the issue you're experiencing. Can you please try to update to the attached changed version and see if it helps? Also, @designlabCPH, this seemed to help with Headway as well, at least on an old version I had. Can you please try the attached update and see if it helps with the issue you're experiencing?

  • iaindb

    For tickets, two things would be awesome:

    1) Printable tickets using QR codes would be brilliant. It would allow both Android and iPhone apps to be created to hook in pretty quickly and make event entry from multiple handsets a snap and very, very effective.

    2) A PIN code - allow the customer to choose a 4 digit pin code. In the absence of printable tickets, they provide the code. It means lists of attendees can be printed before the event and "on the door" - someone gives their name and pin code to confirm it is them, and enter. Again very easy for iPhone / Android apps to be created to tap into this functionality.

    As you may have guessed, I've ran events and had the joys of being on the door before... A 3,000 person event known for 2 hour queues I made so no-one waited more than 20 minutes on my first attempt. People claim that queues are good for passing trade, but for reputation fast moving doors and full events work better.... :slight_smile:

  • Claire Wielandt


    (see my post further up as well, with Latest Headway possibility)

    I just cheked with the Genesis Base Frameweok, and there ir´t works just fint, so it's basically to get it to work with the latest edition of Headway, that's the porblem (problem persists, despite update).

    If I could, I would use the Genesis instead, but as there's a new layout/widgets, pr artist, I ened to use Headway. Would SO love for this plugin to work with Headway, would seriously save my week.

    Possibility of integrating the payment with Marketpress??? So customers don't have to check out two places, if they also want to buy some merchandise?

  • Hello,
    I'm not an Elite member yet. I'm thinking about it :wink:
    I can not download or test this plugin.

    I'm interested in this plugin to use it in a Multisite with buddypress and WPML environment.

    I have some questions about functionnalities.
    1) Is it working on multi-language website with WPML ?
    2) Is it fully integrated with Buddypress ?
    - Front end administration for groups admins ?
    - Possibility to add privates groups events ?
    - Posting reservation status on users activities ?
    - See others people reservation (or not) ?
    - Widgets to list upcomming events ?
    - Calendar widgets ?

    Thanks for your answers

  • Vladislav


    @AndrewTraub, the appearance issue you're experiencing is happening because the theme is effectively stripping the markup we need to render the event properly. To fix it, go to your theme settings and on the "General Settings" tab, set "Blog Style post format" to be enabled.

    @designlabCPH, it would be awesome if you could forward the theme to me, it'd help a lot in figuring out what goes wrong. You can sent it to ve at incsub dot com.

    @fitoussi, the Events plugin will automatically apply some changes to your Google Maps setup, so your venue locations get properly mapped and auto-generated maps properly displayed with your events.

    Thank you very much for the awesome feedback, we're actively working on adding new features to the plugin.

  • fitoussi

    Hi Vebailovity,
    The changes that events plugin cause to "google map" are not good . I am Already using the google maps with directory plugin and Im having the map in a custom place on the page. Now with events plugininstalled and the "automatically display map" forced to be "yes" I have the map in a place I don't want it to be. I need to be able to place the map wherever I want for directory pages and for events too.

  • jrutz

    This is a great plugin, (95%) exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much for this!

    I would like the ability to add fields for event URL and have the option to show event cost as info-only rather than link to PayPal.

    I would also like the ability to categorize events not just by year/month, but by day as well. I will be using this to list events over the course of several days, and would love the ability to be able to display each day's events.

    And would there be a way to make a sticky event, if I wanted to have one stay at the top of the events page?

    Thanks again!

  • Tien


    I am working with the Event plugin and the Google Map plugin and have a few questions.

    @SteveDB - thanks for the reply about creating a page named Events and that worked great to provide me with a page to list all the events on.

    Here is a link to look at which shows my issues...

    Note: The link above might have 2 maps on it as I am trying to get the map in the sidebar at the moment. The attached graphic shows only the map in the post.

    1) The map in the post will not zoom in to City level no matter what I do.
    2) I would actually like to remove the map from the post.
    3) I want each event to have a map for the event in the sidebar, but I cannot figure out where the sidebar is for Events. Do I create an Event template or a new page for each event?
    4) When an event is completed, i.e. it is now monday and the event was sunday, does it auto-close the event?
    5) Anyway to remove the "Created by" label on the event and as long as I am here, remove the "About" box that Wordpress displays under the post?

    Got to say I am loving this plugin. I spent a lot of time in the past couple weeks looking for this type of plugin and must say the timing is excellent.


  • tokyoterri


    thanks for creating this - I was struggling with the EventBrite and then the Events Manager plugins and neither of them play well with Scholar, so I've switched to this one for my client's community site.

    The first issue is a housekeeping one: I'd like to see the instructions and the video, but the instructions end here:

    To Use:

    Navigate to Events

    in both Safari and Chrome, so not sure what to do from here. Once I see them, it may answer some of the questions I have.


  • rickroberts

    The solution can't be fiddly, and it can't expose wp-admin. Period. I need a tab or sidebar widget for customers to see and create new events and see the ones they have created and are attending. Like evite. That’t what all of us want. You would think all these developers are groping around on different parts of the elephant, and nobody ever even looked at Christ. Evite was around when was around.

  • isis

    So, this is the best calendaring system out there for my specific needs, especially the RSVPing and payments.

    One thing that is very, very necessary for me, however, is that recurring events be "turned on". My community has daily events that occur weekly - sometimes as many as 5 events/day. Going through the adding the events method and having to add it continuously is painstakingly time-consuming. I tried the option of "Add another Date for this Event" (also slow, but at least there) but it did not seem to work?! The event was listed for the first date I had in the list of 6 dates...

    Any chance of getting this simple feature added?

    Two other requests - export to another calendar, ie Google, iCal, etc would be extremely helpful for users AND creating a Facebook Event at the same time would be incredibly awesome (and I know that's a HUGE wishlist item :wink: )

    Thanks again for the great plugin - please keep us updated as it seems there are some really great suggestions for ways to make this even better.


  • fitoussi

    Here is another feature request. If anyone think it is a good idea you can give your votes Here

    Sell tickets with event and booking on main site

    Let people add events and sell tickets on my main site. Right now One can add events to main site but he cannot sell it since the email address for paypal belong to owner of the main site.

    Why doing that?

    1)This way we can create one place for people to look for events and buy tickets.

    2)Tickets sellers will not have to deal with the whole process of Creating and maintaining a site just to sell tickets.

    3) we, admins will not have to deal with many subsites , subscriptions and so on.

    4) users looking for events will not have to deal with searching different sites to find different tickets. They will not need to register to different site every time to find thier ticket or to check out from the different sites.

    4) one main site will be way better when it come to searching for events then multisite with many subsites. (Wordpress search engine suck.)

    5) bottom line, will be quick and easy. Seller will "add event" insert the event info. maybe have a field to insert his email address of his PayPal account and that's it. User will go to the site , will see upcoming events or search by different keywords and buy his ticket.

  • sherpabizdev


    Just a quick question re: how this plugin works in a BuddyPress/MultiSite setup. If I install as a plugin to the main site only, can it be configured so that any member can host an event? I would want it to function like EventBrite for any member -- they can create events, receive payment, etc.

    If it doesn't function that way, what would be the best way to proceed? Would I have to allow them to install the plugin on their own site in the network? Could I create a site in the network that is dedicated to events and allow every member to be a post author there?

    Thanks in advance for clarification. Just looking to understand the possibilities as the plugin stands now.


  • ymousley

    Just a thought, but was it ever considered to make this a Marketplace extension rather than a completely separate plugin? I think Marketplace has some things that have come up in requests or will soon - multiple payment gateways for one, ability to set limits and sell outs (which could be helpful for blocking out early bird specials), coupons which could allow for free attendance (like press or speakers). It just seems like a lot would be solved by making "event" a product type in marketplace, and if it's selected allowing for the extra info like maps, list of who's purchased (RSVP), etc.

    I think it would also get it closer to the eventBrite for wordpress solution that a lot of people were hoping for.

    Plus, it would make MarketPlace probably the ultimate e-commerce plugin since it really would be able to let people sell anything out of the box.

  • ymousley

    I really thought that would be the natural place for an event plugin. The limited inventory is a big one - if you can only accommodate 20 people, it's not a good thing to find out that 100 bought tickets - and you can already essentially do that with Marketpress. Plus I'm pretty sure affiliate is already tied into that, you can keep a %age of items sold which already puts it closer to Eventbrite style setup. I think the only thing missing from Marketpress would be the map, free events handling, display of attendees and the calendar style listing of products.

    And imagine how easy it would be to promote to people if you told them they could sell tickets and other things like DVDs (conferences), memorabilia (bands), etc. from the same site.

  • Vladislav

    Hi all,

    Thank you very much for the awesome feedback. We're currently actively working on a new release, which will have a number of features mentioned in this thread, as well as elsewhere. Of course, if any features don't get in for the very next release, that doesn't mean that they're ignored and won't be addressed in a future release.

    @sherpabizdev, at the moment the plugin will require posting privileges for your members to be able to create an event. That, for an example, means that Subscribers won't be able to post events on your site. The alternative approach you mentioned (creating a separate site with posting privileges for users) might be a good idea for your usage scenario. Perhaps also adding optional edit access control to the plugin would help?

  • ymousley

    @James I just see so many options that MP has that would port well over to events that I think it might be easier to manage them in the same plugin from a development point of view, as well as an operational point of view.

    It seems this was an attempt to simplify things, which is logical considering the number of features in Marktpress and maybe not wanting to add to it, but in this case and a few others, I think it might actually be better and allow for faster rollouts. If I'm not mistaken, MP works by using a custom post type for products. Why not add a custom taxonomy (Category style) of events, and say that if a product is categorized as an event, there are additional options (custom fields) available? Start and end date, location, reservations are the ones that come to mind.

    After being here for a while, I think there are some products that would be better as add-ons, and others that would work better as core. Marketpress, I think, would work better as a core plugin with add-ons that give different product types (events, reservations, group deals, private sales) expanded options, rather than lots of individual plugins. To me, that would put it in a class with something like Magento or Shopp, and a lot further ahead of the other Wordpress e-commerce plugins out there. Plus, you're not reinventing the wheel each time so instead of working out payment gateways again, or affiliate integration again or limited inventory, etc. it's already there.

    Will it make the plugin more complex? Yes, but I think it would make it so much more powerful, and with proper documentation about how to create an event product, how to create a reservation product, how to create a group deal (that's a wishlist thing :wink: from me) product, etc. not many people would mind. From an administrators point of view, it would be great to tell people "okay, for 5% of each sale, you can sell anything you want - physical products, digital products, event tickets, group deals or whatever would make your e-commerce site perfect" and have it as simple as ticking a box, rather than saying "okay, for events, go here. For physical and digital products go here, for ___ go here."

    I think there are some other plugins that could be grouped into a core product (login messages, admin area messages, logo changes all together would make a great admin customization plugin), but especially here. While I can see the complexity of doing that on one hand, I really just can't help but think that for support, for users and maybe even for developers it would be easier in the longrun to support and maintain one comprehensive plugin than 2 or 3 less powerful ones.

  • ymousley

    If the plugin should stay separate though, here are some of the things I think are missing:

    - ability to limit number of tickets sold
    - ability to create different ticket types at various prices - i.e. early bird $50, standard $75, 5 early bird tickets $200, etc.
    - affiliate integration so that people can make their own deals for people who promote the event
    - ability for network admin to take a %age or flat $ amount of ticket sales
    - free event support
    - waitlisting
    - printable tickets (could use a QR code instead of barcode)
    - tie in with the Newsletter plugin to send updates or notifications to registered guests
    - ability to export guest list names and emails in case someone wants to use their own email program
    - multiple payment gateways including on delivery (at the event)
    - network wide event calendar
    - people who've registered for events should have a "my events" option that can be added to their BuddyPress menu. This should also be available as a template tag for people who don't use the default BuddyPress toolbar

    Ones in bold are ones that are already handled to some extent by Marketpress

  • Sean

    Will it work on all network sites? So each user can create there own events and get paid directly. If so then it would be great if you could view the events for each site and view all the events on the top network site.

    So if I am a user and want to find any event during a date range I can search for that and see all events from all sites. This could be used for any community or niche. Imagine seeing all the events for a town or just the events for the one organization.

    Also a front end admin interface for all the sites would be great. The data being managed is so simple that there is no need for backend access. The people running a dog shelter, or a small band could easily post their events if the front end UI has an easy learning curve.

    The network of course would be completely dedicated to managing events.

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