New Sign Ups Stuck on Step 2: Choose a Subscription during registration / Step 2: Choose a Subscript

I've had several issues with the latest Membership v2.06 plugin. I see this problem cropping up again and again on searches but no resolutions. I've added several screen shots to show my settings etc. A user gets to step 2, and it shows what appears to be a broken layout with no ability to choose the "Free" this time we only have two types of users: registered / "free" and "visitors". I have tried turning on the Free Subscriptions gateway and turning it off and get same result. I've tried to set the subscription option to none but I cannot delete the subscription "Free". I've tried this but set the subscription to private - same result. Very frustrating...and we too are running against a deadline.

  • DavidM

    Hi The-Clever-Robot,

    Usually (not always), the missing buttons for the subscriptions is due to the gateway not being activated. Have you checked on that to make sure the Free or PayPal Single gateway is active?

    If that's already active and setup, would it be possible for you to switch to Twenty Ten to see if that fixes the display issue?

    That would help in seeing if the display issue is what's causing the subscription buttons to be hidden.


  • The-Clever-Robot

    Thx again DavidM for helping. This is what I had to do and I hope it helps others. I activated both the Free gateway and paypal express. I then made sure my free subscription was active. Then when it gets to Step 2 it shows the free and paypal options but you can only click on the what I did was went into wp-content/plugins/membership/membershipincludes/plugins/gateway.freesubscriptions.php and styled my button and changed the text to say "Activate your account" instead of the default paypal text. Now it works. Not very elegant but it seems to work. I'd hate to see what happens when or if the client wants to add multiple subscriptions...but I'll get to that bridge and cross it later. I also noticed the membership plugin has been updated but at this point I am scared to even try it...

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