New Signup for a Site on my network

I want members that Pay to Blog. I’ve created some accounts to test the system before it goes live. I had no problems creating accounts but when I try to access the dashboard a message:

You tried to access the dashboard “Crecimiento en Redes” but currently do not have privileges on this site. If you think you should be able to access the desktop “Crecimiento en Redes” contact your network administrator.

If you got to this screen by accident and wanted to visit one of your own sites here are some links to help you find your way.

your sites

Visit Dashboard | View site

I when to “Sites” under prosites I selected Manage site and manually I configured the users subscription period. Then under “Sites” i clicked “Edit” to configure users role. I scrolled down to the “Default Role” section and it said “subscriber” , I changed it to author but I still dont get access to the dashboard.

Its possible that when a user signs up and pays that the default user privileges defines as “Author” and that would gain access to is own dashboard so they can start building their own blog