New site has part of template URL in it's URL so failing.

I created a site with several blog posts and several pages, set it as a template, and then tried to create a new site with it. It appears to work but when I go to the new site, it the browser spins for a long time before it lands on the new dashboard.
But the URL is correct when it gets there:

lesliegm is the multisite instance
testnoller is the new site created from the template

If I then click on the site name to see the live home page, the URL becomes is a combination of the template site and the new site.


lesliegm is the multisite instance
nollerlab is the template site
testnoller is the new site I created from the template

This also happens when I click "All Pages" and then click the name of one of the pages. takes a while to get to the All Pages screen, and once I get there the URL to any of the pages has added an extra lesliegm/nollerlab in front of the lesliegm/testnoller