New site, multiple plugins needed

I need a recommendation on your plugins that will work together for a membership site that I'm redoing ( My first decision is whether to use Membership or Protected Content. I've used the Membership plugin before. Can you advise which you think would work for best for this requirements set?
- We sell 3 types annual memberships. Vendors, Recruiters and School Districts. Currently using paypal. We want several reminders to go out for renewals and then be able to generate a list of who has not renewed.
- We send out regular emails to each of the groups (separately depending on the content)
- We want our membership list to be seen by the public, as people buy from members (not through the site however).
- We need to have a few sections with members only content.
- We need to have a Jobs board available to Recruiters that have a paid membership.
- We need to allow School Districts to place requests for information and bid announcements without logging in (which I'm assuming we won't use a plugin for unless you have one that would help with this).

With the above, I'm wondering about the interaction between the membership plugin (whichever of the 2 you would recommend) and the others functions I've mentioned above.

Thanks in advance for any advice on which of your products to use! I'm a big fan and intend to use your software as much as possible as I really like your support)