New site not resolving /or/ being created

Hello all,
This is my first day of membership here at and my first question.

I set up the WP multisite through all the various procedures and installed the "pro sites" plugin.
from the "Network Admin" > "sites" > "add new" i created a new site which should be the "sub-domain" and not "sub-directory" option. This new site is going straight to the default plesk landing page. I want to believe that my host (eNom) did not set up the Wildcard DNS records. I called today and asked but I am not confident that it was done properly as the tech. did not even seem to know exactly what wordpress multisite is. Also I am assuming that this could be the issue because my research showed that plesk control panel has issues with setting up Wildcard DNS records. What other reason could be for the new sub domain sites not being created ? how can i trouble shoot this ? Any kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,