New Site User Not Sent Password

I just discovered that new users who create a site upon registration are not sent their password in the Welcome Email configured on the Network "New Site Settings" page. Is this normal Behavior? If so, how can I send new bloggers their password?

NOTE: New users of our network who do not create a site, are sent the "Welcome User Email" that does include their password. Users who create a site upon registration are sent the "Welcome Email" with no password - instead the email reads: "Password: (your current password)". Users who create a site are not sent the Welcome user Email.

I thought this may have been an issue with using the Remove Email Verification plugin, but I just confirmed the same results with that deactivated.

New Site Settings for both Welcome Email and Welcome User Email use the PASSWORD shortcode in the message content, however, the former converts the code to say "(your current password)" while the latter converts the code to the user's actual password, as expected.

So, a user who creates a site never receives their password via email. This could explain why many of our new bloggers never post anything.

With Remove Verification Email Activated, the user who creates a site is presented their password on screen immediately after registration, but if they don't copy that, they never have a record of their password. And there s no way to edit the message on that page displaying their password.

Screenshots to follow...

Thanks in advance for any feedback!