New Sites Added To My Hub, But Keeps Saying Defender is Already Running

Hi. I recently reactivated my WPMUDEV subscription (yay). I just now added 2 of my websites to My Hub, but 2 things are happening that I'm hoping you can help with:

1. As I'm going through the setup wizard, each time I get to activating Defender, I get a warning that says Defender is already running, so I have no other option than to "skip this step". However, the wizard considers that as "incomplete".

2. On both occasions, when I added my first two sites to My Hub, I received an error stating it is taking to long and directs me to install manually, so I do that and it works fine.

I'm about to add more sites, but I'm concerned that something isn't right, so before I add any other sites, I'm hoping I can get some help in determining what is causing these 2 issues before moving forward. Thanks for your time.