New sites created with New Blog Template only copy some theme settings from WPMU Nelo

I’ve been using this plugin and so far so good. Just one issue at this point. I’ve got the template site’s theme set to WPMU Nelo. This theme has a customizeable homepage and theme options, exactly the kind of thing I am looking for.

When I create a new site based off the template only some of the settings copy.

Front page text and links – YES!

Front page uploaded images – NO

Theme options – NO (at least not the colors that I’ve changed so far).

If it all worked or all didn’t that would make sense, but half and half doesn’t seem right. Any chance that all the data could be copied across? If not where would I start to make this happen. Would it be a customization to this plugin? Where is the ‘list’ so to speak of things this plugin decides to copy.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    I don’t currently have a multisite I can play with to try and test this out and investigate myself so I’ll ask one of the guys to help me out here.

    Do you see this only with the Nelo theme or can you get other themes to copy over all the information?


  • highfive
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey Phil,

    This is really the only theme I’ve tried that has built-in plugins for gathering ‘extra’ information like this.

    Also, I meant to update my post, but the reply box wasn’t there (or I just didn’t see it clear down the page for some reason). Anyway, the colors are coming across after all. It was a caching issues I am assuming because I kept deleting and re-adding the same named site for my test and the color changes showed up later after I posted. Like I said, I thinking the browser had cached the CSS and I didn’t realize.

    Anyway, so all of the data appears to come across for the theme except for the image references. They seem to be deliberately left out and so it displays default images:


    It would be nice if the image references stay. If they are stored in some directory only owned by the template site that is understandable, but I’m guessing even if I jury-rigged it in the database they would change.

    Wait, pasting that image in above gave me and idea. I can just change those default images in the theme. Problem solved, I guess. However, if blanking the image reference happens automatically somewhere, it would be nice if it could not do that or be changed not to. I don’t understand why that data is different from the rest.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    How did you add the images to your template site?

    Did you add them using the default Media Library and then copy the path into the Nelo Theme Options?

    I believe it’s one of three things;

    1. the images aren’t in the media library so they aren’t being copied over

    2. “Files” isn’t checked in the settings for your new template

    3. the theme options aren’t being copied over

    The fact that the colours *are* copied over makes me want to eliminate #3 because obviously those options are copied.

    Can you verify 1 and 2 and let me know?


  • highfive
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    On questions 1-3.

    1. The only way to add these images is under the ‘Custom Homepage’ option in the Dashboard under Appearance. This is where the text that IS being copied is also set. The only options for the images is to upload them. I don’t know where it stores them at that point.

    2. Files is checked.

    3. So far everything I’ve changed under ‘Theme Options’ like colors is copied over and everything under ‘Custom Homepage’, except the images.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    When you upload an image within the theme options you are given a URL to the image, which you place in the theme options like so;

    Instead of using the gallery feature provided by the theme, use the standard Media Library to upload your image. Then copy the URL into the theme options.

    When you create your new site, the theme options (with the URL) will be copied over, as will the image itself.

    At the moment the image isn’t copied over because it’s not in the media library.


  • highfive
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey Phil,

    That makes sense and I am sure that works for that image, but those are not the images I am talking about. The images I am referring to are on the ‘Custom Homepage’ settings page of this theme not the ‘Theme Options’ page. All the other options from ‘Custom Homepage’ get copied across (txt and url), but not the images references.

    The only option to set these images is through as browser ‘Browse’ control and uploading the image.



  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    hi highfive

    the WPMU-Nelo custom homepage images which you upload and crop in admin backend cannot

    be transfer or duplicated since they were unique persite basic.

    each site uploaded their custom image into their own BLOG_ID folder inside blogs.dir/blogid

    the setting like txt url were store in add_option so they can be transfer but the cropped image



  • highfive
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks Richie. Awesome theme, btw.

    That’s makes sense, since the obvious intent is to have each site override, the images. However, since the text copied over I though it would be handy to setup defaults that would work for them until they got them replaced. Just knowing it isn’t going to work if fine. I can always take the route that I mentioned and replace the default images within the theme itself. Case closed.

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