New Sites with WHMCS Provisiong turned on not working correctly from newtwork admin area

When I create a new site usually from the network admin dashboard for my self , they all show from the my sites drop down menu.

I noticed my new sites not showing anymore so i went to network admin and saw it there under all sites.

I looked at the user and instead of scott74 it gave it the user of the site name created.

This is only suppose to happen if someone signs up for a site from my WHMCS

The system is thinking this is coming from there or something. I need my personal create sites that i create in my network admin and not from WHMCS to keep showing under the top left "mysites" and keep me as the user.

Is this a bug and can this be fixed.

Thanks Scott

/***************** UPDATE ******************/

I turned this plugin off and noticed it still doing the same thing any help would be appreciated.

I also noticed no email saying Dear User, your new site has been set up .. This is acting Strange.

/***************** UPDATE ******************/

I noticed this happening on 3 different installs?? Anyone