New Smush Pro User - Looks Blurry - Questions on How to Use


I installed Smush Pro last night and started manually smushing some images as a test. I have a few questions:

1) I am showing a loss in quality. Is there a way to change settings or is there an automatic smush amount?
2) What do these Smush Stats mean (attached screengrab)? Is the FULL image the original image? Is that because I don't have "Smush Original Image" checked?
3) Is there a Guidelines somewhere that explains how it's smushing in more detail?

I'm trying to speed up my site, but quality is vital. I'm not planning on bulk smushing because I only want to smush larger images that can handle a little bit of quality loss. So far, the ones I've done are noticeably different in quality.

Please advise.


  • Jude

    Howdy @Monika

    Hope you are keeping well and welcome to the community !!

    1) This can be done easily, simply turning off super smush from the options. See my screenshot.

    2) Yes thats right. Here is how this works: You upload a image, WordPress creates the various sizes (which are already registered, like Thumbnail, Medium, Full, Large ) from it. So when the image is smushed (automatically or manually ), we take all the sizes and process each one of them, now if we have full size in the list, we skip the original image.

    3) We don't have any at this point. That said we are constantly working on improving the docs here to include this information.


  • Monika


    Okay. So, just to clarify:

    1) Super-Smush option will compress even more and may result in blurry images. So, I should have that turned off?

    2) Should I smush the Original? Will that improve site speed results?

    3) In the screenshot you sent, are you telling me that I should check "Backup Original Images"? If the Uploads Directory is increased, will that affect the site's speed?

    Just want to make sure I am doing it correctly before I smush more!

    Thank you!!

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Monika, Michael here!

    #1: The Super Smush does compress more, and while generally speaking, it's visual effects are barely noticeable, it can have an effect. I'd try disabling it, and then try using a plugin like this:

    To regenerate the thumbnails, that should allow for the thumbnails to be re-smushed, this time with normal smushing, rather than super smushing.

    #2: If you're using the original image on a page (not generally recommended, but some do, for high quality galleries), then it would help load speeds. Otherwise, it wouldn't (since it's not being loaded on the page, and thus, not being used).

    #3: I'm inclined to think he meant to attach a little different screenshot, the intent was to highlight the Super Smush option in the settings. Sorry about that!

    Is the original image the one uploaded to the site?

    Yep. :slight_smile:

    If I DON'T smush that one, will only the smaller images be smushed behind the scenes?

    That's right. :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

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