new subdomain sites – corruption

this is probably hard to diagnose problem .. hopefully not … it is probably associated with Domain Mapping… and Multi-Domains… but maybe not

I have a WP 3.5 multisite subdomain network with multi-domains and domain mapping, all plugins updated. so far it seemed to work reasonably well… but…

I added a new subdomain site to one of the multidomains… seemed okay… but for some mysterious reason that site thinks it is another site… this is even hard to explain: has a multidomain

so I add new site to

looks like it was added okay… but when go to dashboard or visit site, goes to…

BIGGEST CLUE… is a site that used to have domain mapping –, but I deleted the domain mapping to just use

I tried adding another test site with deactivated. nope, same problem — thinks it is

CLUE: with “deactivated” – visiting the site, it displays and is not deactivated. both dashboard and live site – it is not deactivate

I added a new multidomain … added another test site… still goes to…

CLUE I added a new test site to = and it resolves correctly. so it is the multi-domain sites with the problems adding new subdomain sites.

Maybe not a clue, but.. when creating the site I noticed that templates were not offered – and New Blog Template settings have been deleted somehow during updates. but ultimately I don’t think the blog templates have anything to do with it.

in order to test Domain Mapping as the culprit I went back to the original… and reestablished it. it resolves correctly – even with the site “disabled”.

BIGGEST CLUE2… but guess what… with Domain Mapping restablished for — adding a new site to… a Different site that had recently had domain mapping changed is now chosen as the identity

the new test site now thinks it is

but the sites created before was reverted, they still think their dashboard and site is

I know this one is a brain bender, but my network is now handicapped… and I’m pretty sure Domain Mapping combined with Multidomains is to blame… but could be wrong of course

help and advice greatly appreciated.

BTW: I really can’t see disabling domain mapping to test this… my network would be down.