New Subscriber - No Guidance!

Ok I knew it was a mistake to subscribe to your service for 12 months. Ten minutes later and I am ready to ask for refund. I down loaded a wpmudev dashboard!! What is that all about? Where does it go? What do I do with it? What is the API key for?
What about some BASIC level guidance please? Within 10 minutes I am stuffed as I have no idea what to do with what I downloaded? Advise please, with some useful basic guidance, or just tell me how to get a refund? Thank you.

  • Mark Wallace

    Ohhh @rusteryrog

    You sound like me my first day here!

    So be of good cheer! I have only been here 4 months and already got my life time membership, by learning and sharing what i learned with others.

    The WPMU Dev dashboard is a really good tool, i am glad to see you started with it. So lets get that installed and get you under way.

    1. Go into your admin dashboard left side there is a menu. Look for plugins >> Istall/New >> Upload >> select the WPMU Dev dashboard from the folder you downloaded it too! Then click install and activate.

    2. Same menu left side of your admin dashboard top, you will see the dashboad. Click it then when it ask for your key just click already a member, then type in your user name and password. This will take you right to your key.

    3. After that take a look around and see what all you can do from your dashboard.

    On another note. On the weekends and holidays response times are slower, and if you ever get a response from staff saying they are getting a developer to respond, it will take longer; usually because the developer try's to have a fix ready before he responds.

    Most of the time a Member like me will be the first to respond to your threads, but staff MUST respond to every thread.

    You can check out the live chat schedule in the Live Support tab up top.

    There is a little to learn about navigating the forums, and there is even a blog about it somewhere. I will see if i can find it for you.

    Mean time get that dashboard going and enjoy what the community has to offer!

    Nice meeting you rusteryrog


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    Well to me it sounds like your totally new to WordPress.

    Maybe you should have familiarised yourself with WordPress first before trying to install plugins.

    As Mark mentioned the dashboard is a plugin which allows you to get support, install our plugins and update our plugins.

    For some basic manuals on how to use WordPress you should checkout our manuals area:

    More specifically:

    Once you learn about WordPress you'll come to realise a plugin is a plugin and theme is a theme, with a few rare exceptions they all upload and install in the same way.

    Once installed it's then they can vary with settings and configurations.

    At any point if you have any specific questions, you get stuck and need some help then please feel free to open a new thread and ask.

    What was the main plugin you signed up for? Did you need some guidance with that?

    Take care.

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