New subsites do not receive site admin role! How can I setup default roles at registration?

Multisite; MarketPress; Pro3 Theme; User Role Editor, etc.

Can you help me understand what roles these users will require:
1) comments in blog and saves wishlist,
2) uploads images and edits pages/posts,
3) and then there is the shop site admin.

A) setup/edit default roles for registration (TT)?
When/where are roles defined? I use Theme Tailors TT login.php/register.php to customize login. What can I check or do in php to ensure roles are setup or users have permissions to work in site? Is this where roles are defined, or does WP do this elsewhere?

B) assign/edit roles per user if required?

C) allow admins to manage sites via easy blogging:
At new site registration, appears user receives a subscriber role, as I could not "manage" site in easy blogging (no access to admin menus). Reviewed the new user/site info and it says Site Administrator. What is broken?

Thank You!

  • MoniQ

    Jack, would like subscriber to edit their profile in easy blogging, comment in posts/pages and save their Pro3 wishlist. Need a role to also add/edit their own posts, upload images to posts and full screen galleria plugin, and maybe add/update their own pages. Site admins can not manage-categories or delete anything, just edit existing pages, add/edit products and update MP settings.

    I re-installed user role editor. How can I reset all roles to the default? Feel free to use login/register in footer to test TT, and to create a new user or new site. Staff support access is also open.

    Maybe work on SSL last week broke plugins. Ran search/replace in database tables for http/https. Server admin was suppose do wp_options table, but I think he did all tables. So far I had to re-install easy blogging, ultimate branding (has not fixed "Blavatar" issue), and new blog templates (failed attempts to create new shop with default).

    To maintain SSL, do I have to search/replace http/https every plugin/theme update/install? Is there a setting I can put on in WP SSL Plugin to take care of that? Or what setting in .htaccess or wp-config should do that?

    Thank you Jack!

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hiya @MoniQ,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for the additional information.

    I've taken a look at this and I'd personally recommend press permit over user role editor :slight_smile:

    On the SSL issue, so when your server admin done the find and replace, he done the find and replace for every table in the database? So every link has been changed from http to https?


    Kind Regards

  • MoniQ

    Hello Jack :slight_smile: I will uninstall user role and give Press Permit a go. Looks like it should disable manage_categories for me too. :slight_smile:

    I asked server admin if he did http/https replacement in every database table, or just wp_options table. We did this last week during SSL work on site categories - the final step to padlock the site. I have not heard back yet, but I think he did all tables. If so, would this break the site? How can I find out & make repairs. Or am I looking at a full re-install to repair tables?

    Since then, I had to re-install easy blogging to solve an issue. But I suspect I may have more. Here are some issues with trying to create new sites:

    - I cannot apply shop-template default to all new sites successfully yet.
    - The theme is broken in each newsite.
    - The site url is /shop-template//newsite, and links redirect to shop-template default shop.
    - "My Sites" drop down menu and WP subsite links all have weird Blavatar text overlapping them - which goes away when I uninstall ultimate branding. I have re-installed the plugin and no change.
    - User roles are suspect - no site admin permissions.
    (Thread here)

    Would really like to know what you recommend!

    Also Jack, after all the SSL work we did, do I have to manually replace http/https in plugin/theme scripts every update or installation ongoing? Or is there a setting in WP SSL plugin or something that I can setup to take care of this for me? One person said I should just be concerned about admin scripts, but I know plugin http-links cause browsers to bark. What is my maintenance routine going to include?!

    Thank you.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @MoniQ,

    Hope you're well today, between the SSL plugin, your WP config and your .htaccess your good on updates to plugins etc :slight_smile:

    On the issues your having, it sounds like some data may have been corrupted when the change was made, can you try repairing the database in phpmyadmin, it's a one click thing :slight_smile:

    Then test if the sites can be created correctly, if they can't still, please let me know and I'll take a look again at this.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • MoniQ

    @Jack, I would like to uninstall new blog templates and start over. Will a re-install clear out all the database tables?

    Also you got me thinking, what settings should I have setup in the /shop-template subsite, before I use it to make a default template in new blog templates? I am wondering if there is a setting that is also preventing the correct links to be made during the new-site setup process, etc.


  • MoniQ

    Hi Jack, thank you! After deactivating https (and uninstalling user role editor and fixing ultimate branding issue), I managed to create a shop using the NBT template without re-installing (www.artcommons/myshopname2). There are issues with format/layout of new shop created - but links work and theme is there!

    I am not sure if this is normal though, for example:

    Graphic shop banner is not in any pages, but I can see it in media files. (Maybe page-builder does not work with NBT and Easy Blogging too). Also products in grid and single product page do not have images/feature image. (Is there something I can do to image file names/links i.e. "attach to page" to get images to stick?)

    jQuery accordion menu widget in sidebar does not have CSS applied from that plugin - flat buttons. (I could transfer CSS to theme.)

    The "About Merchant" Whistles (4 tabs) are all one big mass of text per tab. Not sure why. (I will try to add tabs via theme page builder.)

    The google map (plugin) did not load in a tab either.

    Easy Blogging allowed new site admin to see dashboard; but could not see site admin menus I created to manage a shop. I could access the wizard, but could only get into the profile/site name and tagline (steps 1-2), and marketpress (steps 10-12). Could also comment in a blog :slight_smile:

    New sites do not list as https in floating global menu and site categories - a bug in multisite? Not sure what to do here :slight_smile:


  • MoniQ

    @Jack, seeing that template almost complete in a new site is verrry exciting!

    I am uninstalling NBT, as soon as my server admin lets me know when he can clean out tables. Then I will re-install... can't wait to add template and give it a whirl.

    In the meantime:

    I would like to solve the Easy Blogging site admin access issue if possible. What can I do? Should I install press permit, or wait to solve NBT first?

    Anything I can do to get new sites to display with https in floating global menu/site categories? (I will check for unsecure assets right now.)

    Thanks Jack! :slight_smile:

  • MoniQ

    Easy Blogging details:

    When a user logins, they see "Update your Profile" or "Manage your shop" to access dashboard.

    Easy Blogging - Dashboard Menu:

    Everyone can see intro/instruction widget, profile and "to ArtCommons" button.

    Added menu-buttons (inventory, shipping, paypal, coupons, "To my shop") - site admins cannot see these!

    Added wizard steps - site admins cannot access steps 3-9 and 13-15. (They can access profile, shop name and tagline, and marketpress options.)

    (I have not tested if everyone can update their email yet :slight_smile:

    I re-installed Easy Blogging and ultimate branding; uninstalled user role editor and deactivated https. I can go further with NBTemplates and Easy Blogging wizard now, but both require work.

    I have downloaded Press Permit plugin but will wait for feedback prior to installation.


  • MoniQ

    Jack, very exciting! The latest subsite "My beautiful Shop Demo" /myshopname2, created using the default template in new blog templates, is working well :slight_smile:

    I updated the menu links and the tabs resolved. I replaced menu type to forgo css mess. I will add shop banners next - but hope I can resolve image placements in new shops created. (Have not been able to figure out css for mp-product-category-list in sidebar.)

    Unfortunately, I am pretty sure the WP HTTPS Plugin is incompatible with NBTemplates? Anyone else find this?

    The main site and /shop-template were tested at and look good, but browser is not happy. I think it is the http links in floating global and site categories menus. How do I solve this?

    How can I get new sites to list via https?
    How can I get site admins to access all Easy Blogging menus/wizard steps?

    Very close!
    Thanks Jack.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @MoniQ,

    Hope you're well today and sorry about the delay, sounds like you've made some great progress! :slight_smile:

    How can I get new sites to list via https?

    By default are the sites coming up as http when registered, so they're not going to https?

    How can I get site admins to access all Easy Blogging menus/wizard steps?

    You can set the menus in network admin > easy blogging and also enable the menu item add-on, to add your own custom menu items, such as marketpress for example to that menu, if that makes sense?


    Kind Regards

  • MoniQ


    MarketPress, Pro3 (Shop demo)

    How do new subsites come up once created?
    New subsites list as http in floating global menu (and site categories menu).
    When you visit a new subsite, URL is https. On each grid item on home page, the "view details" hover button is https (goes to single product page), and the "view product image" hover button is http (enlarges image). The only way I was able to solve menus was replace http with https in wp_options database tables - which I cannot do for every new subsite created. I did everything in wp-config and .htaccess already; but had to deactivate WP HTTPS Plugin for now because it does not play nice with NBTemplates and new subsite registrations.

    Anything else I can do?
    Do I have to re-install WP + multisite with https from the start?
    Is there a multisite error that allows new subsites to be created with http?

    Also, in dashboard of each new subsite, site admins cannot see the menu buttons or wizard items I setup for them; to setup/update their new shop. I set permissions up in Easy Blogging for menu access and for each new wizard button. If this is a permissions issue, is this an Easy Blogging bug, or new subsite registration error? If not, what else could be going on?

    Thank you!

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