New Support Plugin - version 1.8 Beta 1

Hello WPMU DEVers.

We are releasing a new version of Support System (attached).

Basically, functionality remains the same yet it has many little new features and usability improvements. This plugin has been recoded from scratch, so we could consider it as a new plugin.

What's new:

- Totally renewed UI, fully WP-integrated.
- WYSIWYG Editor for tickets ( now you can upload images to tickets and apply styles to text)
- New setting that brings the possibility
to hide tickets from users which did not opened them
- New styles for FAQs, using jQuery UI tabs and accordion.
- Fixed several bugs and notices.
- Improved reliability and performance.
- A more intuitive user experience.
- Added Pro Sites integration.

It's recommended to play on your localhost/development enviroment although would be better to test it over an old version of the plugin but backing up every Support System table before:

- wp_support_faq
- wp_support_faq_cats
- wp_support_tickets
- wp_support_tickets_cats
- wp_support_tickets_messages

This new plugin will update all those tables and apply some changes on them so you may not want to loose some data, just in case.

Once the plugin is network activated you'll see a new menu inside Settings called Support which includes all general settings and a main menu called Support where you can manage tickets, faqs and categories. Also, a new main menu will appear in every site of your network.

Please, let me know below any issue or problem you experience.

Best regards.