New to Pop Over - Usage Questions - Preview Option? Delay Before Pop Up? Feature Requests.

Hi all,

I've installed, activated and set some initial settings for Pop Over version 3.0 and have a couple questions and/or feature requests.

1. Is there a Pop Up Preview feature that I'm not seeing? If not, I think this would be useful if possible to add it to the feature list.

2. Is there an option to set a delay before the pop over shows up? It would be nice to let visitors judge my content's credibility by being able to skim my articles for 3-10 seconds before presenting them with a call to action via the pop over. Pop Up Domination allows this (and I have this plugin) but the Pop Over plugin offers more flexibility on the content I can include...and looks prettier too:wink:

3. Different Pop Over content Per-Rule. It would be great to be able to target each rule with different Pop Over content.

Ex 1: Visit from Search Engine (I'm glad you found us via your search, learn how we optimized our content with simple SEO <---aff link to WPMU DEV)
Ex: 2: Visitor has Never Commented (Link what you're reading? Consider sharing your comments below.)

Any thoughts or info you can provide on the above would be greatly appreciated.