New to the Platform

Hello to everyone,
I am a junior web designer and been working into wordpress for almost a year. Lately I got myself into some serious website business, and I will be needing help from time to time. I searched and found your platform and thought that it could be useful to have the opinion of a developer on a Wordpress matter. I started my trial run here but I seriously consider of staying, if I can have immediate help on my issues, which are mostly widget/plugin problems due to my lack of knowledge.
I would like to know about your average response time, as well as the depth in which you intend to help. I would also like to know the exact way the live chat works. I saw that we have to wait for sessions to be available, and my guess is that they well be very crowded.
I have some features I need to add to my website, that I would gladly discuss.
Thank you for your time, have a good day!