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I have taken over administration duties on a custom wordpress site that uses the bones template. The site has not been updated since 2012. It uses wordpress 3.4. It is also using the NextGen gallery plugin which from what I have read cannot be updated.

I immediately need to know how to update the images on the front page and how to integrate ads on the other pages.

I have created two test subdomain sites that I can break... and did so.

Here are links to the sites: # works but needs changes # broken front page (i think due to nggGallery) # all links are broken.. only upgraded wp

  • Sajid
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    Hi JOSEPH,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I can understand it could be really tricky to update the site and also the plugin. I don't know why you think the plugin can not be updated. Since I can see the plugin is very active and updated two weeks ago.

    On site, I can see the function you are using the is deprecated/outdated.

    Also, the nature of your site show that there has been heavy customization of the plugin and theme. The developer who developed this site before used custom functions in custom templates. That you or your developer need to find and updated accordingly. That definitely requires a good deal of development work, that is unfortunately beyond the level of support we can provide here.

    Hope that clears this up and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

    • New Recruit

    Thank you Sajid for your quick response. The developer who made the site in no longer available. (read that as lazy and unprofessional).. the NextGen plugin, from what I have read, is notorious for its updates breaking sites.

    I do understand that there is lots of work that needs to be done on the site. I do intend on immersing myself in Wordpress and php until i can work seamlessly.

    I do know a fair amount of python through the Django framework... The reason I mention this is that I don't classify myself as a complete beginner.

    I also know that the main issues could be simple to fix by someone who might know a good deal more that myself. If this is not the type of support that wpmudev provides, where can I go to find help?

    Example of what I know and do not know:

    I know that the advertising space cycles through on the main loop every 7,8,9 times randomly on the Concerts page under the Reviews dropdown menu . Where can I populate new ads in that function?

    On the front page, there are 4 spaces set up for advertising. One being the RiotFest image about near halfway toward the middle of the page and next to the Media slideshow... How do I swap this out? Is this what NextGen does?

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    Here is the code and the error that is causing an issue:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function nggGetPictureList() in /home/chicagom/public_html/test/wp-content/themes/cmm/page-localpulse.php on line 313

    edit.. I know the code is different.. it is the same function error just on a different line..

  • Nastia
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    Hello JOSEPH

    Does this fatal error appears after updating the NextGen gallery plugin? If you haven't please try to update every plugin and WordPress installation to the latest version.

    For example here: where the front page is broken, have you checked for a conflict with another plugin or theme?

    First thing when we see errors like you posted above, we run a quick check for conflicts.

    - Deactivate all the plugins, and switch to a default WordPress theme ( 2016 or 2015), activate one plugin at the time till the error re-appears.
    Once you find the plugin ( we will name it X) that cause the error, you need to find what plugin/theme it conflicts with.

    Repeat the test, leave only the X plugin activated. Is the error re-appear? Yes, the plugins has a bug; No, activate one plugin at the time till the error is back to find the plugin that causes this.

    Follow the flowchart from our Getting Support manual:

    Let us know how it went!


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