New to WP – 1.Install WP again? 2. Two sites / different goals

I’m totally new to WP – a bit of background – I have WP installed currently for a class I’m taking, but I currently use it with MAMP. There have been many issues thus far with MAMP, so I would prefer to leave that current WP install alone and just install it again for non-class related things.

1. Can I install two versions of WP and leave the current “MAMP version” as is, while using the “live WP” version”?

2. I have two ideas that I would like to pursue: a.) a real estate site, and b.) a fitness site. I’m trying to decipher the semantics of multi-user and multi-site (forgive my lack of knowledge). Do I only install the multi-user database once?

I understand that the manuals are probably clear for someone who has a bit more background, but for me they are a bit unclear. Just looking for some clarification. Thanks for your time and assistance.


  • Philip John
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    Hiya and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    First off, you can install as many WordPress installations as you want. However, you will need to install each in a different place.

    You mentioned MAMP vs Live. Generally, ‘live’ refers to an online hosting space accessible to all, whereas MAMP is on your Mac and only visible to you.

    Do you have a hosting package where you can install WordPress? If so, you can do so independently of the MAMP installation on your Mac.

    You only need WordPress Multisite if you want to have multiple sites running off the same installation of WordPress.

    For example, if you wanted a real estate site and a fitness site you could just have 2 single installations:



    Or you could use one Multisite installation to run both;

    1, a.

    1, b.

    Which choice you make is entirely up to your personal preference although as a general rule I’d suggest using separate single installations if your sites cover a different topic/purpose.

    Multisite can make it easy to manage multiple sites, but it can also limit what you can do with those sites.

    Hope that helps!


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