New unofficial plugin: Gravity Forms integration with WPMUdev Pro Site's

Hi there everyone!

I'm proudly announcing an extension to the previous Gravity Forms registration plugin: Gravity Forms to WPMUdev Pro Sites Upgrade/Extend/Downgrade extension!

Here's what you need to know:
1. This isn't for everyone, you will need to take the time to read through the PHP file and edit where needed (2 to 4 edits to get started, 9 more for pricing and a few more to your own liking)
2. Take a few hours to process this. Thank me later for saving you a few dozen more.

Here's what you need:
1. You need a Developer's license of Gravity Forms
2. You need Pro Sites by WPMUdev
3. Registration extension (link below)
4. Upgrade/Extend/Downgrade extension (link below)
5. Fresh water.

Both modules can run side by side or as standalone.

A lot of consideration has been put into this for every function and action - many of those weren't needed for myself but have been put in for you :slight_smile:. Like currencies, prices and even the ability for users that just want to try out Gravity Forms.

The Registration Extension doesn't have a tutorial. Follow the notes on if you want to get started.

The Upgrade extension does have an extended tutorial, the (mandatory) form import file containing 40 pre-defined blocks and included CSS to get started.

Registration (updated):
Upgrade/Extend/Downgrade (new):

A little preview of what it should look like on a super-admin account (lol @ massive discount):

Any questions, bug reports, etc. regarding this plugin can be posted here.

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