New Unofficial Plugin: Pro Mime Types! Allow file types (with Pro Sites support)

Hello :smiley:

It's been a while since I posted a new plugin (although scattered throughout different posts) and now it's time for something beautiful!

This plugin is made possible with some help to get me started from @Jose :slight_smile:

What is Pro Mime Types
Pro Mime Types allows you to set allowed upload mime types through a nifty admin menu and considers Pro Sites!

In short: It allows you to set a range of file extensions to be uploaded by your users (or yourself).

Mime Types? What?
Mime Types is a collective name for media files, for example .html, .jpg or .docx.
MIME (MultiPurpose Mail Extension) are all the non-ASCII things you send over the internet, introduced when e-mail came around.

In less technical terms: Everything that you want to input in your WordPress website through the Media Uploader are called Mime Types :slight_smile:

Why you need or want it
Ever considered you wanted to allow different file types to be uploaded for your users?

For example, you have a lot of musicians or movie makers on your website, let's allow .wma or .mp4!

Or you have different Pro Site packages and your highest level contains a lot of photographers! Why not allow .bmp for them only? :smiley:

Combine this plugin with Pro Sites and you can!

Although fully supported, it hasn't been worked on yet. If you wish you can translate it yourself through PoEdit or something.
But if you can read this, you'll understand my plugin as well. Your users won't see the menu or even know this plugin is active :slight_smile:

The download
Since I'm no staff member I'm not allowed to edit my post much later, I'll add posts below in this thread if there's an update! The file below will always be the latest version.

You can download Pro Mime Types here:


  1. Upload the contents of the .zip file in wp-content/plugins/
  2. Network-activate the plugin.
  3. Go to your network admin screen and you'll find Pro Mime Types under Settings.
  4. Make sure you've disallowed all red marked items (too lazy to auto-do this, lol) and set your settings correctly.
  5. Now you can upload all the file types you've allowed through WordPress.


If you've seen more plugins from me you'll notice that this is the first plugin of mine where you won't need PHP knowledge! Just upload and go! Enjoy :slight_smile:

I've color coded every file type so you'll know what's safe to allow :slight_smile:

Deactivating/deleting this plugin will set the allowed file types back to before you used this plugin.
In short: It's safe to use/try :smiley:

Pro Sites capability
If you have Pro Sites you'll see more options!

You can set the minimum Pro Site level, it's pretty self-explanatory :slight_smile:

If you set "Allow Upload" to "Disallow", the "Minimum ProSite Level" has no effect.
If you set "Minimum ProSite Level" to "Free", everyone can upload! :smiley:

This plugin automatically adds an "unknown" extension (.svg, widely used for logos) to your WordPress library. You can of course enable or disable this extension through the network admin menu.

This plugin doesn't allow the super admin to upload everything. I'll consider it in a later stadium of my life.

If you have feedback or wish more file extensions or features... leave a reply here! I'll gladly consider it! :smiley: