New unofficial plugin: Pro Sites Extra's

Another week, another plugin!

This time, no editing is needed! :smiley:
Just install it and you're done :slight_smile:

What this plugin does:
1. Removes "Delete Site" page if the user's site is pro :smiley:
2. Removes "Export Site" page if the user's site if free D:
3. Adds a notice in the admin screen if the user still tries to access one of those pages :slight_smile:
4. Allows "Export Site" page if the user is a super admin =D

What this plugin doesn't do:
1. Calculates if the Pro Sites plugin is active or not.
2. Make time travel possible

This is essentially a rewrite from
But now it works xD (And I have 8 months PHP experience instead of 1 week :smiley:)

The download links (I haven't tested the normal one but it should work :smiley:), pick one: (mu-plugin) (normal plugin)

I will update it with more goodies over time ^^

Q: Why don't you post it on
A: Don't feel like it D: Plus this plugin is dedicated to a WPMUdev plugin.

Q: Cake or Pie?
A: Doughnut.

P.S. You might want to edit "" to your support mail or <a href=" page :slight_smile: But not many users will see it except WP know-it-all's whom dig into your website.