New unofficial small plugin: Remove auto-participant from bbPress

Hello there!

Ever wanted to have a MultiSite working great? Well, you're in the right place on this website!

However, sometimes you want to offer great support like WPMUdev does, and a great way to do so is with bbPress!
And sometimes you just want to offer bbPress within the package of your user's site.

Of course, with the reinvented and restyled Support System you might not ever need bbPress. But if you do want to use bbPress (for you or your users), read on :slight_smile:.

bbPress on a MutiSite network will make everyone who's logged in on the Multisite a participant, well, when that person visits the website!
An unwary customer of yours with bbPress active will get tons of new users registered on his site whom are not that interested, or haven't followed a special procedure to become a member (like with Memberships Pro (another great plugin!)!).

Even worse, the site your user just visited will be added to the My Sites list in the menu bar! And there's no way to remove that for them self!

Because of this, I made a small plugin :slight_smile: A little friend whom you will never have to care for, it's just there, protecting you and your users :slight_smile: I came by this because one of my customers reminded me again :slight_smile:

And now I think it's time to release it! This very small plugin is nothing special, but gets the job done. For only $0,00 it's yours!

=== What this plugin does ===

  1. Disables auto-participant on bbPress
  2. ...unless on the blog ID you entered
  3. Adds the user as a subscriber to the blog ID you entered so it's visible for the user in "My Sites" on first visit.

Just install this plugin in /wp-content/mu-plugins/
Don't have that folder yet? You can create it :slight_smile: It's a "MustUse-Plugins" folder.

Here's the download link:
Don't forget to edit the Blog ID respective to your support forum Blog ID :slight_smile: (currently it's set to 78).

Yup, I'm still not creating a simple WordPress menu's with options :stuck_out_tongue: The reason is simple: I made it for myself, and the less database entries I use the faster my site is :slight_smile:.

Well, there you go! Report any problems here (I don't think there will be any though :grinning:.