new user activation form does not load default CSS


I hope you’re well on this fine day.

I followed the instructions here to replace the new user activation page presented by Gravity Forms:

The page is supposed to load the default CSS styles for the site, but it does not. The overriding files are in this folder on this site:


I added CSS files to the same folder as activate.php in case it looked there for them. I tried a few shortcodes related to the header in the main theme files but they made no difference. I also contacted about it last weekend and have yet to get a response.

I’m hoping this is not a difficult question for anyone familiar with WordPress theme structure and custom templates.

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  • Lindeni Mahlalela
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    Hello Morgan.

    I hope you are doing great today.

    I had a quick look into the template and noticed that in the function ‘template()’ in the activate.php file references the get_header() function which should include the top part of the HTML Document which usually includes the following structure

    <!-- some meta tags and the -->
    <?php //some php code ?>

    But your theme has a very different implementation of the header.php file, instead of having the above structure, it on has some <div> element which include the menu. Obviously, there will be no CSS or JavaScript unless the HTML dom is generated properly.

    Also the is a call for get_footer(); which should include ‘footer.php’ but unfortunately the ‘footer.php’ file is empty and so nothing will be included here.

    Insuch implementations of custom themes, you will have to call the header and footer functions and supply the name of the header parts you want to include,

    For example: you have a file ‘header-for-home.php’ and a ‘footer-for-home.php’, so instead of


    You should use


    This is how custom template parts are called or included in WordPress. I believe if you address that issue in the ‘activate.php’ file in the folder ‘gfur-activate-template’, then your custom template should work fine. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to study all of your theme’s code.

    I have also noticed at the top of the ‘activate.php’ file there is the line

    define("WP_INSTALLING", true);

    This line of code tells WordPress to load only its core and not a single plugin. So you require some input from other plugins like the Gravity Forms plugin which this is all about, then you will have no access to its functions (and style sheets if it loads style sheets).

    And lastly, the folder that contains the custom templates should be named ‘gfur-activate-template’ instead of ‘gfur-activate-templateOLD’ because the code in ‘functions.php’ is referencing it as ‘gfur-activate-template’.

    I hope all this makes sense to you. You are welcome to ask questions and we will be happy to ask.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.



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