New user activation issue - Buddypress on WP Multisite - both latest versions


The issue is this:

The registration is not working. I checked the tutorials, and it describes how to enable registrations. It said that the option would be in the NETWORK admin, but the option was actually in the primary domain admin, instead. Right now - I have created a one site wordpress multisite; I set it to do subdomains; I did not do domain mapping, as that will not be used in this. Then I added buddypress, All of these downloaded yesterday.

Wordpress 3.3.1

ODDLY ENOUGH: My first spam registration came in while writing this:

So - something is working, but I could not get that done.

One more note: When attempting to sign up for registration, the http:// appears in the suggested url of the added site. SEE IMAGE ATTACHED.

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? I think I have enabled sign-ups everywhere? Perhaps this form is flawed in some way?