new User blogs subdomain are not being created

Hi there,
just installed WordPress MU 2.9.1. a couple of weeks ago -
now am just testing it, it seems that whenever a new user signs up and gets a confirmatino email :

eg (i did a test signup with these details)

Thanks for registering! To complete the activation of your account and blog, please click the following link:

After you activate, you can visit your blog here:

the link does not work - i emailed the hosting companyy and they said teh subdomain was not created?
just wondering what might the problem and solution be in this case? what is going wrong?



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    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I've checked Matts instructions, but am a bit confused - see below:

    In Bind you need to set up a wildcard entry to catch anything that a misguided user or bad typist might enter in front of your domain name. Just like when searching or using regular expressions you use an asterisk (or splat) to match any number of any characters the same thing applies in Bind. So at the end of my zone DB file (/var/named/ - WHERE IS THIS FILE? is it hidden? where is this directory from the ROOT? I added the following line:

    * 14400 IN A

    Note the period after my domain. The IP is my shared IP address. That’s all you need, now restart bind. (For me /etc/init.d/named restart.) - How do i do this? where do i type this command? or do i copy this into the file - in the same zone DB File?

    Now you need to set up Apache to respond to requests on any hostname under Before I just used the convinence of having a dedicated IP for this site and having the redirect VirtualHost entry occur first in my httpd.conf file. That works, but I have a better solution now. So we want to tell Apache to respond to any request on any subdomain (that does not already have an existing subdomain entry) and redirect it to Here’s what I have:

    DocumentRoot /home/photomat/public_html
    BytesLog domlogs/
    ServerAlias *
    CustomLog domlogs/ combined
    RedirectMatch 301 (.*)$1

    The two magic lines are the ServerAlias directive which is self explanitory and the RedirectMatch line which redirects all requests to in a permanent manner.

    There is a catch though. The redirecting VirtualHost entry must come after any valid subdomain VirtualHost entries you may have, for example I have one for and I had to move that entry up in the httpd.conf because Apache just moves down that file and uses the first one it comes to that matches, so the wildcard should be last. DON"T UNDERSTAND THIS AT ALL? how would that apply to me after i copy the code above replacing matt's domain with my domain name??

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