New user not getting pasword on new site creation through Pro Sites


Pro Sites doesn’t always give a password to new users:

When this is a user who does NOT already have a WordPress or Pro Sites account

Here I tested again with a completely fresh email, registered through a private browsing window from another ip and same thing:


Just to be clear I have attempt to recreate a fresh install by using fresh email addresses that I just generated and by going to the site creation page either through a VPN connection or through a private browsing window.

Also I am not using any plugins which allow users to set passwords – or anything similar.

The only thing I can think of that might be causing it is a MU-plugin script, which I got from Michael, which give users who sign up for an account automatic access to Membership. Or it maybe it has something to do with the payment options not be fully set up.

Here is the sign up page

I am only testing the free 30 days sign up option at the moment – so not the paid sign up.

Support access in on.

Thanks in advance !