New User Notifications - Not Clear!


I had a new Subscriber/User yesterday.

The only way I knew was the email I received.

There is no (obvious that I can see) way to be alerted to New Users when you sign in to the website.

If you go to Users - there is nothing there to sort by joining date - which would be a very handy feature. They are just in alphabetical order - this should have a Joined Date column that is sortable.

HOW ODD - The Pending list is the ONLY one that lists a Registered Date - it looks like you can sort by that column BUT why is that list the ONLY ONE??? (doesn't make sense - the other lists need that column). (Actually why do you have to go into their Extended Profile - ONE BY ONE - to find the date they registered? This NEEDS to be a column on the main list.

It would be good if there was some sort of list/summary of new users and when they joined and a link so you could go to their BP record (or are they listed somewhere else?)

Why isn't there something on the Dashboard - so you can see a new user/list of new users since last log on - or by date range criteria etc.

Also a orange dot with a number of new users on the list down the side (like the orange dot for plugin updates, comments etc).