New User Registration Flow in Buddypress/Multisite Environment using Membership Plugin

I am curious about something in the Membership plugin as it relates to a BP/Multisite network.

From all the documentation I've read, Membership "takes over" the default Buddypress registration process.

So when you set a Page to be the "Register" page within the Membership options, is it required to REMOVE "Register" and "Activate" pages from the Buddypress network settings?

We've been struggling to get these settings just right, and it's creating another issue:

New user registration process:

What we would ideally want to do is this. The MAIN /register/ page of our site would be the default Buddypress sign up page. There would be NO mention of our paid membership levels, but rather the user would simply sign up for a free Buddypress account on our site.

We would THEN want to display our "Upgrade" packages.

With the type of network we run, we feel that it's not in the spirit of what we want to do to be displaying "Paid" membership levels directly on our introductory Registration page.

However, every time I have tried to allow Buddypress to handle the INITIAL signup- and then display MEMBERSHIP upgrades in a different manner (pop ups, links in navigation, etc) it does not work properly.

Either Membership handles the signup process completely, or I cannot get it to work.

So: is there a way to use Buddypress to handle new user signups, and then use Membership as a "upgrade" path later on?

(Sorry for the confusing nature of this query, it's a difficult to explain issue)