New User Registration Form in BuddyPress

Hi All!

Is there anyway to make error messages for the user Registration form (buddypress site) a different color than the regular text labeling?

For example, the "username" field has to be all lowercase, numbers and letter...nowhere does it tell the new user this until they have done it wrong, when the form simply "reloads", this time with an error message that blends in with the regular label text and is really hard to notice...same with the "blog title" field near the requires more than 3 letters, but you don't know this until you've done it wrong...and again, the error message is the same color, blends right in!

OR, better than changing error message colors, what is the filename....can we go add instructions to the field labels? ie. beside "username" have the text: "(lowercase only)", and beside "Blog Title", "(must be 4 letters or more)"

If you want to check it out, the site is

Mike (Christina's worse half!)