New Version Easy Blogger Thanks

Probs to WPMU and Developer for quick work on easy blogger fixes….seems to be running pretty smooth without ssl errors .. Just couple questions

1. Is there a way to have tab links that you create yourself open inside the dashboard like post , pages , ect..?

2. I selected 1 column for screen layout but it stops about 200pixels or so from the right side.. is that reserved for something … does not do that in regular view.

3. How would I add welcome user_name of the person that is logged in to the title of the dashboard widget?

Suggestions for future update.

a.. for next version drop down to select roles :slight_smile:

b. Add unlimited widgets to dashboard and display the wysiwyg editor while adding content to dashboard widget so you have the ability to add any shortcodes that your current theme may provide and access to all other tiny mce buttons.. :slight_smile:

Again thanks for the quick turn around on the updates for this plugin… I'm sure many appreciate..!