New version of Snapshot

We used snapshot to make backups on individual blogs and used this to stage and create new blogs from templates. Is it correct that this option has now been removed? What other options do I have?

Secondly, when we try to make a snapshot of the whole multisite it goes on for ages and exceeds the 100% .... when it reached 125% I stopped the process.

  • Nazmul H. Rupok

    Hi there,

    Hope you are doing well today. Are you taking about backing up individual site from a muti site network? You can still do it and no change here. If you have other concern, would you clarify a bit and let me know what you are missing?

    And if your whole network backup size is more than 10GB then it might exceed the limit. You can use your local directory with manual backup. Or you mean the process goes over 100%? Can you show me a screenshot?

    Have a nice day. Cheers!