New version won't let me map parked domain!

Hi, I'm really frustrated with the latest version of Domain Mapping. I'm trying to map a domain, the same way I have on over 40 other sites, and it keeps giving me this error:

Domain name is unavailable to access.
We can't access the new domain. If you've just purchased it, please, wait while it will be propagated. If it is already propagated, check your DNS records to be sure that the domain is configured correctly.

I've set it up exactly like every other domain: in my registrar, I point the nameservers to my server. Then, I go to whichever cPanel the WP site resides on that I want to map and add it as a parked domain. Finally I go and map the domain inside the plugin. But now, with the updated version and it's "checks" or whatever it's doing, it's not working. Please fix whatever you've done to the plugin to make it not work anymore.

I've carefully checked this several times over, and it's been over 24hrs since the domain was registered and the nameservers changed.