New Wordpress installation - unable to log into my account


I have 2 Wordpress sites running on the same server. I today installed a third. I installed through Plesk as I had done with the other 2 on a different domain, but was unable to log into Wordpress on the new installation.

I have searched the web for solutions, and I have tried:

Re-installing Worpress
Deleting wp-login.php and replacing
Deleting plugins folder and replacing
Accessing the database directly and changing the login details for admin

Obviously before each remedy I cleared cache and cookies.

I don't get an error message, I just get in a loop and each time I try to login I go back to the login screen. the same applies if I use the forgot password. I did have Drupal running on the same domain, but I have removed this to see if there was a conflict.

The domain in question is

It is a vanilla installation - no themes or plugins yet