[New WordPress "Plugin"] Family Media Sharing

I have an idea for a capability I would like to see in WordPress. Some is covered by your existing plugins, but there's a few things I cannot find. It is too long to fit in this little box, but if WPMU likes it, would you be open to a revenue share outside the $50/mo?
Thanks, Ted

  • sushling
    • The Bug Hunter

    your idea sounds interesting.
    Please note, that this forum is rather for feedback or feature-related discussions for existing plugins or other WPMUDEV-related services.
    AFAIK they don't offer developement services on any of their forum, but you can post your project on their official "Jobs & Pros" board, so that other members who provide the required skillset can get in touch with you.
    Hope that helps :slight_smile:
    Have a nice day,

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Ted

    sushling beat me on it :slight_smile:

    Yes, we don't offer any custom development. This forum is for technical support and members discussion.

    If you want, I can move your ticket to the members forum where you can have more members on the discussion, please let us know.

    Have a nice day!


  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    There's not much info in the OP but I'd like to follow this topic. Years ago I setup a family photo album with software that's now under-maintained. Hey, that happens. I'd really like to shift that to WP and I've looked at many options. I'd like to share ideas with others about what features they would like to see and how they might be approaching a solution.

    Examples of my requirements:

    - Various roles and permissions to allow and deny specific content to specific family members. The ex-husband might be close to the family but he doesn't need to see the ex-wife with her new family.
    - Show EXIF timestamp but allow members to change the date.
    - Allow comments by anyone, including flagging comments for family review.
    - Logging for all changes. Notifications to people subscribed to related content.
    - Allow a range of years, months, or days to be applied to an image.
    - Link images related to people, places, events, or time periods
    - Excellent filtering on all metafields to create user-specific sub-albums which can then be shared.
    - Allow for manual and automated pings to people who claim knowledge in specific family areas. Examples "who is this?", "where was this taken?", "do we have any more pictures of this person/event?"

    There is SO much more that I would add to a site like this, making it multi-site to host any number of families, and yes, monetize it, integrate it with other sites for genealogy or social media, and add an API for extensibility to mobile apps and for other purposes.

    So Ted - what's on your mind?

  • Ted
    • New Recruit

    Wow, thank you for the timely responses. When I wrote the post, I had no idea I would be submitting it to a forum. But that is all part of the grand experiment, right? We make a wave and see if anyone owns a surf board. I will consider the options presented here for sure, and Tony G your requirements are similar. I wrote up a basic set, but what I was thinking (After having spent a couple days hacking on PHP and deciding I could do this myself if I was OK releasing it in 2057) was to get some pros involved (wpmudev has been an impressive crew) and then figure out how to sell it because it is beyond their core product and I think there's a market for people who are sick of being perpetual targeted for advertising and just want to share some sh** with their darn family free and clear of AI analyzing their every move.

    Proof I am impressed with wpmudev? Yup:grinning:

    • Tony G
      • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

      You might want to revise that job to describe what exactly are you looking for in terms of skills, goals, responsibilities. :slight_smile: I think you got excited about explaining the royalty part (what you're offering) and forgot about describing what you want.

      As I said, this particular app has been bubbling in my stew for a long time, and I really do want to kick it off. I've put together a form where people can post suggestions for an app like this. Feel free to share it around. Contact me off-forum via my profile or I'll drop a comment on your blog. I'll provide a link to the results so that you can see everything that comes in. As far as actually building this, well, that's up to anyone who has the motivation.


  • Ted
    • New Recruit

    Yeah, I was kinda reserved on the requirements, because I wanted to make sure the royalty approach is not a deal breaker. I like your form. I am going to be out for a few days, but I will circle back. I got a hit on the job board, so I will contact that person as well and see what happens there as well. Talk soon... I thankful to find there is some interest, we will see what we can get away with!

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