"New Wordpress Site" Email notification

So, I was using the remove email verification plugin which is great but the last 3 users to sign up used a bogus email address and I am getting tired of that

So I tried deactivating the plugin but now for some reason the emails being sent say "New Wordpress Site" When plugin is activated the word "Wordpress" does not appear in the subject line.

Also, when this plugin is not activated the signature on the email says "The team @ (blank)" with no site name which is strange to me.

I checked network settings on emails going out and the "Site name" is definitely listed there in the email so it should be populated. Again works fine when remove email verification plugin is activated

I am using a plugin called "Configure SMTP" which is working correctly by removing Wordpress from the "Sender's name" as it shows my site name in the email and sending name.

So that doesn't appear to be the issue. Any ideas? Thanks