New WP Install - Multisite Says Its not New...

just installed wp, set the define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true ); statement, then log in.
Tools > Network Setup and I see:

Sub-domain Install Because your install is not new, the sites in your WordPress network must use sub-domains. The main site in a sub-directory install will need to use a modified permalink structure, potentially breaking existing links.

What gives ?
Any Clues folks ?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello sdlx,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    That should not be happening with a fresh install unless you either connected to an existing database that's been used with WP previously or there folder in which you have installed WP has been previously used for WP installation and there are some hidden "leftover" files. That is - usually. I suppose though that there may be also other reason for this of which I'm not aware.

    There should however be as simple solution. If you are confident about your setup and are sure that nothing will break/be lost if you proceed with installation, please go to "Posts" list in your dashboard and delete posts that are there (there should be only one on fresh install) - make sure that you also emptied the trash there! - and then repeat the same on "Pages" list. That should help.

    In case it didn't, add following code to the "functions.php" file of your current theme:

    add_filter( 'allow_subdirectory_install',
    create_function( '', 'return true;' )

    Let me know please if you were able to proceed, please.

    Best regards,

  • sdlx

    Hey Thanks Adam - Good to hear from you again (and thanks for being on the ball with the quick reply).

    It is a fresh install - I am (I believe) recreating the account/entire workspace before I install WP. Have done a couple of times before posting the question. But, I will remove posts and double check.

    Just to confirm - I want to be able to add sites at directory level not subdomain - a strange quirk of this hoster means that might help me with some WPMU issues I have experienced.


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