New WP WIKI Category Doesn't Show / Can't Use As 'Parent' in Posts

I was off WP for a few weeks due to breaking my leg. Came back to my ongoing development of our site. Added a new Wiki Category, 'Skydiving and Parachuting Books'. Created a Wiki page for that category, 'Reference Books, Skydiving and Parachuting'. When I click the 'Parent' drop down menu before updating the page the new category I created does not show. Only all categories created before my 'break' show. I have added several new pages since the 'break' and I was able to link them to the correct, previously created, parent (category). The only things I've changed in my WP structure since I came back was to update 3 plugins and to add 'Counterize' plugin.

Also, can you recommend a WP plugin, that you support, to backup my entire WP Installation and database?