New WPMUDEV site problems or suggestions

Hi @Timothy @GinaB @James and all of the other great developers working here.

I don't recall if this used to work with the old system (my eyes are finally getting used to the blue theme here)

What I'm missing is the date and time when an original question or post is made. this is something that I feel would be important, especially if someone posts a question and never receives a response. Sometimes I'll just scroll some of the older posts just to make sure someone had helped them and if not try to make a reply so one of the staff can be notified unless I can find a solution my self.

Now onto my next question, I just made a post and the date and time are shown but definitely not in my time zone. What time zone is it that's displayed?

Not sure if it's too difficult or even a possibility to list the timezone as is but also post the time zone from where the person who replied is from. I've seen where some folks here get upset about the length of time for a response, and if they knew that when they ask the question the person helping them is in sleep mode and when they do get a reply they are sleeping. Just thinking that this may solve some of the confusion of this site being and instant answer type of thing.

Hopefully others will think that this would be a beneficial as well so I won't feel like this is a stupid request or observation.