Newb questions about Events+ Plugin

1) The root slug seems to be appending /wordpress to everything. I have wordpress physically installed in /wordpress, but the site is in / – There appears to be no way around that in the plugin’s config. The plugin seems to be using the “WordPress Address (URL)” from my config, instead of the “Site Address (URL)”.

2) If an event is just one day, it says “Takes place on May 19, 2012 to” – How do I get rid of that “to” there at the end?

3) It’d be nice if the text “takes place on” could say “took place on” if the event is in the past.

4) Is it possible to take comments that are associated with a regular WordPress post on my site, and have them associated with an event? If I move from the old style to the events+ plugin, I’ll want to move some comments.

5) The settings for the Google Maps plugin has a section about custom fields – specifically “My posts have an address field”. I wanted to make use of that. However, there appears to be no way to turn on custom fields in an events+ post. How do I go about doing that?

6) Any attempt to put an image into an events post and use either left or right align doesn’t display right. Likewise, formatting text with H2 does the same thing. Look at the formatting:

a) Event created with plugin:

b) Original post I’m trying to replicate:

I understand some things change, but simply putting in some text and giving it an H2 and attempting to right align pictures shouldn’t blow things up like this, IMO.