Newb to New Blog Template - what settings actually can be templated?

Hey there - self professed newb to wpmu or now wp3n "n" for network as i call it

I will be manually creating user accounts and blogs via either Batch Create or Create Blogs Users plugins - 10-20 users at a go.

I want to replicate a base install every time a new user sub-blog is created.

- themes
- plugins
- comments OFF - [ can we just whack the entire comments.php code from the installs? ]
- posts per page
- rss - posts per feed
- rss - full or excerpts
- xml-rpc on/off
- private or public
- Users Can Register

Mainly i just want comments off off off - because comment spam is just nutz.

The New Blog Template plugin very well may do all this and tons more - but the interface doesnt quite tell me what it actually can do ... saying clone "settings" is a bit vague.

thanks for your help.