Newbie - Amazon Affiliate

Hi All

I'm a newbie to wordpress so I hope you don't mind me asking some q's.

I'm planning to do a couple of websites with posts that have Amazon affiliate links as I've just signed up as an Amazon Associate.

1) Which themes would you recommend as the best for showing and linking to Amazon? (It's fantastic and slightly overwhelming how many options there are in the elite membership, so would love some initial suggestions as which ones to start looking at. One site will be linking to specific cameras the other site will be linking to finance books)

2) I am looking at how to manage international visitors to the site, I've seen a couple of plug ins that direct people to their local Amazon store. There are 3 I've seen and wonder if anyone has any experience of them?

a) AMZ International Link Localizer
b) Eazyazon
c) Amazon Affilate Link Localizer