Newbie – issue (registration button not showing) and two questions


I just joined WPMU DEV and started working with the Membership plugin.

I followed the set-up guide, which was very useful. I have been able to set up 3 subscriptions (and categories) – Basic (free), Individual (premium) and Corporate (vip) and to use categories to hide posts and shortcodes to restricts parts of posts.

My problem though is on the second step of the registration process, it says ‘Please select a subscription from the options below’ and yet there is no button to select the (free) Basic subscription.

I tried to figure out the issue, but couldn’t. I am wondering it is because it is a free subscription/my default subscription, i.e. the one for strangers – but then it is not a great user experience if so. I think I’ll stop guessing and wait for help.

FYI I’m using Membership 2.0.7 and WP 3.2.

Also, while I am here I have another couple of questions:
1) is it possible to input the price of a subscription, rather than using a drop down?
2) is there any way to customise the fields in step 1 of the registration page – or is that a WP issue?

Thanks in advance.