Newbie having trouble with Domain Mapping

Hi there,
love the site, lots of great stuff here! I have had zero problems with any of the plug-ins...except one... domain mapping! I set up a blog o my MU site, installed the plugin, entered the correct IPs and changed my DNS. BUT I am still taken to some weird Apache/cPanel page.

Here is the link that I am trying to map:

How do I fix this?

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    First, if you on a vps account or share host, then request a dedicated IP if possible. Second, tell your host or anyone that knows how to help you enable wildcard dns (if my memory has not failed me as this was required or I could be wrong). Third, install domain mapping plugin. Fourth, have a freely available domain name that is not used and can be used to test this plugin. Fifth, go to your domain control panel, point the domain name to your server's DNS addresses (i.e., dns1.yourdomain.tld, dns2.yourdomain.tld). Sixth, wait for the domain name's propagation to finish. Seventh, login to your wpmu and add the necessary information to test the domain out (follow the instruction that the plugin provides in wpmu control panel). Eighth, open a browser and enter the domain name that you have pointed to a test blog to see the domain has pointed correctly or not. If everything goes well, you should see http://www.yourdomain.tld point to a test blog. If you've installed your wpmu installation in a subdirectory and not as a subdomain (i.e., http://www.yourdomain.tld/wpmu/testblog), then you may have to accept that domain mapping will always point a domain which ends with /wpmu for a test blog (i.e., http://www.urdomain.tld/wpmu/testblog becomes http://www.aworkingdomainmappingdomain.tld/wpmu).

    Hope this helps, and if I've leaving out an important or several things, anyone please fill in. If this instruction is wrong, please feel free to correct! Good luck!

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