Newcomer-Multisite Analytics scenario

Hi Team,

I am new to WP development, but with a long programming background. I just bought your product, WPMU Multisite Analytics to be able to implement the following scenario for my client: My client’s site connects to GAPI, via your product, and obtains 3rd party (my client’s customers) site specific analytics to display in static dashboard to users from 3rd party site (again, my client’s customers). I’m assuming this is a pretty typical scenario (?)

I am still fuzzy as to whats required in terms of connecting to the Google Analytics API. Can one site connect to access multiple profiles across multiple domains? Does my client need to be a registered user set up across all the profiles of the different companies he needs to access? Is more than just the UA (profile ID) required? Most relevant to you guys, will the WPMU multisite analytics plug-in I purchased accommodate, as in be able to fully implement, the above scenario?

Sincere thanks for any light you can shed,

Jeff Smith