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Just sent off our first Newsletter for our new site! Everything is great except that we checked today and only 135 of the 600 members we have have been sent their emails, the other ones are “waiting” Does this have to do with the CRON or is it another setting that isn’t correct? I am really unsure of what to look for so any ideas would be great! Thanks!

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    Due to the nature of this – being that it needs to be sent to a large email list to create a valid test – it will be very hard to test.

    I believe enewsletter is using WordPress’s internal cron to process messages which takes a significant amount of traffic to get it to keep processing. I personally would have preferred a direct cron but that is not the current way it was developed.

    However what I do recommend as a possibility to get this fixed is a static cron job.

    Setup cron job in your control panel to point at ‘wp-cron.php’ (I set mine for every half an hour).

    ie: or for a sub directory install:

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