Next Gen Gallery Pagination Is Broken

So, my client loaded the page and it just broke, this has been working for awhile and it broke by itself. Below is a whole list of what I have tried. The plugin is "Next Gen Gallery". I was hoping someone could be of some help, despite it not being a WPMUDEV plugin.

1. No recent updates
2. Its a custom theme, switched to 2013 theme and it still did not work
3. disable / enable all plugins, still broken
4. re-downloaded the plugin to see if the installation was missing something, still broken
5. No server errors to help point in the right direction
6. No browser errors either

Sorry, but the site is a test site as I modified the live site so it's not showing ATM. It is password protected, so the UN and PW below allows you to view the site.
UN: greaterreading
PW: 39j3hs