Next gen gallery using same path in new blog template set up for all sites

I just bought this plugin, however, it is having a problem with Next Gen Gallery in that it is setting all sites up to have the same file url as the main template.

Example, site number 68, all the urls in the edit site are set correctly to wp-content/blogs.dir/68/files however the add gallery is defaulting to wp-content/blogs.dir/6/files/default _?? on all new sites.

6 being the site number of the template and ?? increasing in number as more sites added.

Consequently, the user is already out of upload space before they add a single image. This is a collosal problem that I can not seem to find a solution to. I have checked and unchecked the tables on the advanced options that relate to next gen, wp_6_ngg_album

but to no avail

help please!