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Received a response from Kimberly, Thank you! Phew...I didn't know it was going to be so hard. I almost accomplished all the steps that you gave me, except for the PayPal part. I am already established with them for my other site.

I want a site that works like Etsy. Please tell me the next steps I need to make. I have to tackle much today. I have to get this site up by the weekend...can I do it?

I need to know what MultiDB is too, is that what I want?

Please list all the plugins I will need. I want affiliate accounts to, I think. This should work with members. I want them to register as a member to list their items, at a low cost per year.

I want them to be able to list as many items as they want to sell

The rest of the question is from Kim and the steps she told me to take.

Reply by: KimberlyL

Looking at your first batch of concerns you should check out some basic Wordpress use tutorials and info. You might find this helpful.
To create an ETSY style site you will need to take care of a couple of things first:
1. You will need to enable Multisite on your Wordpress install. There is some great info and instructions on that here
2. You will need to enable Wildcards on your server so that you can create sites for your users. Your host can usually do this.
3. You will need to apply for a PayPal Merchant account and create an application to use chained payments, allowing you to take a percentage of sales from all sites on your multisite install. The instructions for the application can be found in the Dashboard>Products>Settings>Payments menu and can be found by clicking the PayPal Chained Payments Gateway and scrolling down.

  • Kimberly
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    Step 1 accomplished! Very good! :slight_smile:

    Step 2, as I said, should be able to be handled by your host.

    Step3 may take a bit more time. You will need to register your PayPal Account as a Merchant Account. Then you can visit the Network Admin Dashboard>Settings>Marketpress

    On the General Settings please note that you cannot use Global Checkout with Chained Payments, so select no.

    Scroll down to the PayPal Chained Payments Settings box

    Fill in your PayPal API credentials and pay special attention to the blue links in the following paragraph. You will need to create and register your chained payments application. I'll attach a pic of where you will find this info. The links will take you where you need to go :slight_smile:

    And unless you plan on having thousands of sites, then you don't need Multi DB :slight_smile: This is a management tool for those with very large networks.



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    Hey- I really need some input. I have to get this going. I am waiting to work on the next steps and need to know what to do next. Thanks for understanding.

    I'm working on the PayPal, just waiting to hear back from them. I have a business account through them and not sure how to set up a chained merchant account or if I just need a plugin like this: eShop An accessible Shopping Cart plugin (Or do you have one?)

    After the Paypal on my previous entry, what are my next steps?

  • militarymama
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    Do I need to add a plug-in for PayPal?: eShop An accessible Shopping Cart plugin (Or do you have one?)

    I spoke with PayPal and explained your response about merchant chained payments and they said I am all set up for that, just need the developer to do some steps.

    What are the steps I need to do on my end?

    Sorry to be asking so many questions. This is my first BIG website. and I am not a technical person. I did this site Now on to bigger things!

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